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About us

IFI Security is an intelligence and risk management company supporting organisations in developing their business.

IFI offers a wide range of services and products aimed at protecting tangible and intangible assets. We provide innovative technological solutions and advanced consulting services in the field of intelligence, travel security and compliance management.


Our solutions

Sectra24® is an innovative travel security platform designed to ensure optimal travel management.

DERM® is IFI’s command and control platform designed to support organisations in assessing and managing security risks affecting assets and projects in and outside Italy.


Security Assessment

We carry out security assessments in and outside Italy. Our approach is in line with the best international standards.
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Travel protection & Emergency management​

We support customers in case of travel to at-risk areas, providing 24/7 assistance and close protection services with global coverage.
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Security Threat

We provide our customers with all the information they need for their production activities to be completely safe, including in highly complex environments.
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Security management

We provide customers with our expertise to help them outsource corporate security tasks and responsibilities in both formal and operational terms.
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We make sure personnel operating in high-risk areas are always safe by means of targeted training courses in accordance with the law.
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Compliance assessment
& support​

We check legal compliance to help organisations set effective security management policies in accordance with the law.
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We support our customers in identifying and constantly monitoring potential threats to their people, assets and reputation.
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News and insights

Security Threat Evaluation (Thesys)


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