About us

IFI Security is an intelligence and risk management company supporting organisations in developing their business.

IFI offers a wide range of services and products aimed at protecting tangible and intangible assets. We provide innovative technological solutions and advanced consulting services in the field of intelligence, travel security and compliance management.

Our core values

Technological innovation
and flexibility

Our services and innovative technological solutions meet the needs of companies and adjust to their specific operational and organisational requirements.

Proximity to customers and internationality

We work on a global scale, relying on a large network of partners and consultants in over 160 countries. We make sure our customers get the support they need at every stage of their business.


We work alongside our customers to identify and implement the best strategies to protect people and assets. We always comply with Italian applicable legislation and the highest international industry standards.


Thanks to our Travel Security Operations Center, we provide our customers with multilingual 24/7 assistance and emergency response support.

Our scope of business

All organisations need to become aware of the risks their assets, people and reputation are exposed to, since effective prevention and protection strategies are ethical, economic and social values when it comes to management and business activities.

The constantly changing international environment and globalisation make security risks increasingly significant. It is therefore essential to implement a security management policy based on processes and tools combining risk analysis and assessment activities.

IFI Security provides organisations with the advice, services and solutions they need to meet their legal obligations in terms of so-called ‘duty of care’ and create virtuous cycles to protect people and tangible and intangible assets.

IFI Security Global Network