Compliance Assessment & Support

We check legal compliance to help organisations set effective security management policies in accordance with the law.

Effective security management cannot be separated from compliance with applicable legislation and regulations. Our compliance assessment and support services are designed to identify any gaps or, more generally, any opportunities to improve organisational systems and processes and make them more effective. The aim is to ensure compliance with national legislation and international best practices and protect top managements against any legal consequences in the event of adverse events.

IFI Security provides consultancy services with a multidisciplinary approach, based on compliance with legal obligations and applicable best practices on security, with an eye to the specific organisational and operational needs of its customers.

The compliance service consists of two phases:


Preliminary business and organisational context analysis, by means of desk reviews and interviews with any managers and executives concerned. The goal is to assess exposure of organisations to any operational, legal and reputational risks;


Identifying the main areas of intervention and setting a targeted and effective mitigation strategy. This can also be done by creating an organisational model and operational and regulatory tools (policies and procedures) that companies may need to fully comply with the so-called duty of care requirement.

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