DERM® is IFI Security’s command and control platform designed to support organisations in assessing and managing security risks affecting assets and projects in and outside Italy.

The system combines risk management expertise and specific analysis and intelligence skills. DERM® allows organisations to:

Map, constantly monitor and classify all company assets;

Assess risk level, in terms of external threats (terrorism, crime, socio-political instability), vulnerability (relating to both security systems and organisational and procedural aspects) and business-impacting issues;

Clearly identify roles and responsibilities (hierarchical management);

Centralise risk management activities and offer employers a detailed and updated overview of the risks which their companies are exposed to;

Support all risk assessment phases, in line with the Italian legislation on health and safety at work (Testo Unico sulla Salute e Sicurezza sul Lavoro).

The platform, available in Italian, English and Spanish, features a 24/7 notification system for events that could endanger asset integrity and the safety of people (terrorist attacks; epidemics; earthquakes; strikes; etc.), with a view to supporting business continuity and disaster management activities.

The alerts, that are georeferenced and classified by level of severity, bring security managers up to date with international events, so that they can take targeted and effective actions to protect their assets and people.

The ‘DERM’ App, available on the Apple Store and Google Play, helps users assess assets in remote areas too, allowing for remote monitoring and management even if there is no data connection.

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