IFI Security, strategic objectives and appointment of new CEO

President of IFI Advisory Umberto Saccone's words on the values and objectives of IFI Security as regards business continuity and new global challenges.

We have achieved our goals thanks to our staff’s professional skills and our determination to find our place in the market. However, none of the above could have been possible had we not set opportune decision-making rules and protocols to ensure an ethically outstanding business governance for all of our partners. Honesty, responsibility, trust, mutual respect and – not last – focus on results and social commitment have constantly been quintessential values for our everyday activity. This is what has allowed us to forge our strong reputation. ‘Reputation’ has always been and will always be our main social control tool, the scales to measure our appreciation on the market, with the knowledge that five minutes could be enough to tear down what took many years to be done. At this stage, ‘continuity’ shall be the keyword to this project. New challenges shall be faced amidst an expanding global market, demanding that operational goals be replaced by strategic ones. Only through a generation shift will we be able to rise up to the challenge of change and improvement, all of which would gravely backfire on us if we proved to be unsuccessful in dealing with it. As time comes by, our Company, our Management, our employees, and our corporate structure grow older. This inevitably entails a drop in power, enthusiasm, responsiveness, and innovation; in other words, our strategic business model itself is getting older, too. We all want our “creation” to grow strong and thrive overtime.

This belief has made us aware that a timely planning would be the only way towards continuity. Likewise, the ‘new generation’ would be the key to providing our Company with growth and innovation. This has prompted us to assign this arduous task to a long-standing as well as outstanding young manager, who will once again be called to prove his excellent skills. In this view, the generation shift will not be a landmark but only a process that will enable the newly appointed Chief Executive to lay down a modern and adequate governance model to face challenges on an increasingly global scale.

Many compliments to Mr. Daniele Grassi, and congratulations on your recent appointment as the new IFI Security CEO.

Umberto Saccone

IFI Advisory President

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