Security Assessments

We carry out security assessments in and outside Italy. Our approach is in line with the best international standards.

Assessing asset security is a complex operation, which requires an objective methodology and multiple (analytical, engineering, organisational, etc.) skills.

IFI Security’s specialised personnel engages in security assessments at various types of sites (office complexes, production sites, ports, airports, hotels, pipelines, etc.) in and outside Italy, in line with industry best practices and the highest internationally recognised standards.

The security assessment process consists of the following phases:


Local context analysis:

preliminary assessment of where the asset of interest is located, in terms of both internal environment (activity and security measures) and external environment (security situation; political, social and economic context; local issues);


Site description:

we look into the technical documentation available to identify the main site gaps and assess the impact of possible security events;


Threat analysis:

we identify and analyse security threats potentially affecting the site and personnel;


Vulnerability assessment:

through an innovative proprietary IT solution (Vulnerability Assessment Tool – VAT), we identify and assess site vulnerabilities, in terms of both active and passive security and general security system organisation (the so-called ‘human factor’) and emergency response capacity;


Security risk assessment:

risk is determined in terms of how frequent and likely a given event is and how severe its impact is, based on discrete qualitative criteria;


Identification of risk elimination/mitigation measures (Mitigation Plan):

once the threats which the site is exposed to are identified, we set the most suitable risk mitigation measures, in terms of both management (procedures, technical manuals, etc.) and infrastructure (CCTV systems, alarm systems, etc.).

The aim of on-site security assessments is to provide a detailed overview of the security status of the assets being examined, with a view to helping employers set effective corporate mitigation strategies and plan risk assessment activities pursuant to Legislative Decree 81/2008.

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