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2020 was one of the most turbulent years in the recent history of the American continent, hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic (with over 500,000 fatalities, the United States and Brazil are the two hardest hit countries globally) and struggling with major political balance changes. The one-sided and protectionist measures taken by the Trump administration in foreign policy have resulted in a progressive deterioration of regional relations; this is coupled with  a rise in violence (in countries, such as Mexico, Colombia and Ecuador) and major social crises (in particular, in Chile, Bolivia and the United States itself).

Joe Biden’s inauguration as president, scheduled for 20 January 2021, could coincide with a decrease in social unrest in the short term. However, the strong ideological polarisation of the country, aggravated by President Donald Trump’s fraud allegations in the aftermath of the last election, makes new waves of protests likely, possibly triggered by isolated but symbolic events. With particular reference to possible racial riots (such as those that have affected the country since May 2020, causing fatalities and significant unrest), the Biden-Harris couple is not enough to constitute a risk mitigation factor.


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