Protective intelligence

IFI Monitoring

We support our customers in identifying and constantly monitoring potential threats to their people, assets and reputation.

Threats to a specific organisation can be a source of great concern to top managements, thus requiring constant monitoring and analysis.
IFI Monitoring is a web and social media monitoring service designed to identify any signs of hostility and potential or direct threats (in terms of crime, terrorism, social unrest, etc.) that may jeopardise the safety of people, asset integrity, corporate reputation and investments.

The service is based on advanced technological tools; in collaboration with its customers, IFI Security sets specific criteria in terms of domanis and/or geographical areas of interest.

The results of the monitoring process, classified by category and level of potential threat, form the basis on which IFI analysts perform periodic assessments for top managements with information on trends and any issues arising during the monitoring activity. In case significant threats are identified, IFI analysts send warnings for customers to set specific mitigation strategies.

The main features of our monitoring and analysis service include:


Customer-tailored intelligence advice;


Accurate and constant monitoring of indexed sources, as well as of the deep and dark web;


Regular updates and specific warnings in case of potential significant threats.

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