Sectra24® is an innovative travel security platform designed to ensure optimal travel management.

Automatic monitoring

Can be supplemented with travel agencies and the main global distribution systems (GDS), featuring real time and automatic monitoring of all personnel movements;


Is easily customisable and can be supplemented with third-party systems via API and other data import/export methods.

Risk indexes

Gives access to constantly updated risk indices (Security; Health; Environmental) for proper travel planning;

Risk assessment

Features reports on over 200 countries and dozens of regions worldwide (in Italian, English and Spanish), allowing organisations to inform their staff of potential travel security threats;

Real-time Alert

Sends real-time alerts on health, environmental, political and security events (pandemics; terrorist attacks; civil unrest; transport strikes; etc);

Travel management

Allows the travel authorisation process to be set and managed based on risk levels;

Logistic support

Gives access to IFI’s Travel Security Operations Center, which is active 24/7 and made up of multilingual analysts providing logistical support and assistance in the event of an emergency;


Is available in Italian, English and Spanish;

The Sectra24® APP can be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play and allows you to access the platform’s functions and connect to IFI Security’s Travel Security Operations Center.

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