Security management Outsourcing​

We provide customers with our expertise to help them outsource corporate security tasks and responsibilities in both formal and operational terms.

Corporate security management requires specific and multidisciplinary skills that are often hard to blend together. Many companies and organisations find it hard to identify professionals with the necessary expertise and experience; as a result, they often end up splitting corporate security responsibilities among different corporate functions, with resulting issues in terms of operational management and legal risk.

IFI Security allows companies and organisations without corporate security professionals to formally and operationally outsource security management tasks and responsibilities

Outsourcing security management, also pursuant to the Italian legislation on health and safety at work (Legislative Decree 81/2008), allows companies and organisations to:


Rely on multidisciplinary skills and ensure optimal crisis and security management;


Rely on professionals with national and international experience for organisational, operational and compliance support;


Make their internal processes more effective and create a virtuous security management cycle;


Reduce costs and tax burdens resulting from the internalisation of security management roles and responsibilities.

Regardless of the professional approach of IFI’s consultants, the real added value of the service is the organisational environment in which the Security Manager will be able to work: analysts specialising in the processing and management of information to support strategic business decisions, as well as compliance, intelligence, security and medical experts.

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DERM® is IFI’s command and control platform designed to support organisations in assessing and managing security risks affecting assets and projects in and outside Italy.
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