Security Threat Assessment​

We provide our customers with all the information they need for their production activities to be completely safe, including in highly complex environments.

The planning of travel or activities in complex areas cannot be separated from detailed security context analysis for local business-impacting dynamics to be identified.

The IFI Security analysis unit draws up specific insights providing a clear picture of the main threats to be mitigated to secure on-site business.

By means of a database with tens of thousands of georeferenced events, classified according to preset parameters, IFI engages in real-time analysis of the threats posed by armed insurgency (political and terrorist insurgency) and violent crime; for each geographical area of ​​interest, IFI develops probability indexes for security events, with a view to helping organisations set/supplement risk management strategies and business continuity plans.

IFI’s work is supplemented with information from local sources, social media and specialised databases, and field work.

IFI Security’s security threat assessments are:


Extremely accurate, thanks to extensive local context knowledge and support from our partners and providers;


Objective and customer-oriented approach, the result of solid and certified processes.

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