Security Training​

We make sure personnel operating in high-risk areas are always safe by means of targeted training courses in accordance with the law.

Training is one of the key elements of all security risk mitigation strategies, as well as a legal obligation for employers (pursuant to Article 37 of Italy’s Legislative Decree 81/2008).

IFI Security provides online and classroom-taught training designed to fully meet Legislative Decree 81/2008 requirements; the training is for both managers (Security Manager, Compliance Manager, CSR Manager, etc.) and personnel exposed to certain types of security risks (for example, in the case of activities abroad).

The IFI-Learning platform allows organisations to meet their personnel training duty by means of specific and all-encompassing courses.

The courses provide skills to effectively manage security, in particular where the business environment is marked by significant threats or endemic problems.

The courses teach behavioural and organisational rules, in line with applicable regulations and international best practices.

Class-taught training covers multiple domains (security management, intelligence, human rights, corporate social responsibility, etc).

With the help of specialised consultants, IFI also provides Hostile Environmental Awareness Training (HEAT) classes for personnel operating in environments at risk of crime, terrorism and/ or armed insurgency.

Other IFI Security Services

Travel protection & Emergency management​

We support customers in case of travel to at-risk areas, providing 24/7 assistance and close protection services with global coverage.
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Compliance assessment
& support​

We check legal compliance to help organisations set effective security management policies in accordance with the law.
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Security management

We provide customers with our expertise to help them outsource corporate security tasks and responsibilities in both formal and operational terms.
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