TH.E.SYS® (Threat Evaluation System) is the tool developed by IFI Security – backed by Italy’s National Research Council (CNR) – to objectively and quantitatively assess external threats posed by phenomena including terrorism, organised crime, violent crime, piracy, political instability, corruption and poor human rights protection.

The system combines quantitative techniques (‘raw data’ processing, standardisation of international quantitative risk indices, etc.) and qualitative analysis carried out by the IFI analysis unit.

TH.E.SYS® is based on a calculation model measuring country threat, according to the different numerical values ​​expressed by 29 analytical indicators, divided into four different risk groups (terrorism, crime, ethics and politics). The total value is expressed on a continuous scale consisting of 5 ordered alpha-chromatic intervals. The aim is to help decision makers do their job.

Security Threat Evaluation (Thesys)

The TH.E.SYS® fact sheets are available for 202 countries and over 100 substate entities (so-called jurisdictions, having different threat levels than the national average or, in any case, distinct political and/or security features), and are available in Italian, English and Spanish.

TH.E.SYS® is designed to help organisations set policies based on objective parameters to protect and drive their investment strategies and protect their people and assets.

DERM Modules

Vulnerability Assessment Tool (V.A.T.)


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